Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tax Day!

Get Your Tax Day Feast ONLY At the Gulfport Family Restaurant

Today is the last day to file your taxes, but you've worked up a hungry in the process. We at the Gulfport Family Restaurant feel your pain and want to let you know that we have JUST WHAT YOU NEED!

Come on in and try some of the good, home-cookin' your mom had ready at the end of your childhood days.

Today's Specials Include:

Baked 1/2 Chicken 
Veal with Creole Sauce
Salisbury Steak
and Beef Tips over Noodles

All Above Served  with Hot Veg, Potatoes/Gravy, Cup of Our Awesome Soup of the Day, and Home-made or Corn Bread

These dinners start at $5.95 which means your wallet stays full. For these prices you'll get what you paid for and some!
...But come in quickly! At these prices, our supplies are sure to sell out!

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